HTTP 2.0

will this be supported soon?

Possibly in the not so distant future they will have this function available … it is a matter of waiting for ruri to have the time to do it.

There is a work around to using HTTP 2.0 as well

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.NET 6 is introducing socks proxy support for the native HttpClient (which supports HTTP/2.0 and 3.0) so I will expand the block (or make an additional block) to work with those protocols. You have to wait after november when .NET 6 comes out.


I guess is time to implement this

travel to the past :rofl:

I did implement this. In the http request block there is a new parameter called Http Library, just select SystemNet instead of RuriLibHttp and you’re good to go, HTTP 2.0 and socks proxies are all yours.

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