How to use the translate

Hi @Ruri

I would like to know how translate is used in OpenBullet2 Native because when trying to do it as in OpenBullet 1.4.4 it does not work

I would also like to know how I can create a cloud and integrate it into the OpenBullet2 Native

From my perspective, the translator function works in the same way as its predecessors.

the previous word: the word you want to change it with

If you have more doubts, you can append the complete data to give you better support, but in my opinion the block is simple to use

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Ok bro
Thanks for the help

Please explain further cause I don’t know what you mean.

Create a cloud of configs or remote configs as you know them

You have to install OB2 web version in a vps, then add configs and configure an endpoint in the Sharing section. You can read the help guide in there and it will explain what to write in the remote section of the Native client in order to reach the shared configs.

Right now he tried thanks

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A question since the OpenBullet 1.4.4 forum does not load, I would like to know how I can create a cloud of configs or remote configs for the openbullet 1.4.4

Regarding your question, I leave you the following link there you will find information regarding your question, in case of having more questions I will tell you that they will no longer be able to be answered because currently there is no longer support for version 1 of the openbullet, only for the most recent version what is 2