How to use Key Press in OB2

I put the number of the key from github I want to use but probably it’s not the right way to do it!

You have to put the name of the key in letters, not the number. Instead of 40 you need to type Numpad2.

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Thanks Ruri, Another Quick Question:
how can I execute the key like random amount of times using random integer function, is there a way to do it or not?
Thanks in advance!

You can use the REPEAT statement in LoliCode. Let’s say you have a random integer variable called RAND

// Your key press block goes here

Thanks Again Ruri but still not working, Sorry for my bulk questions but if you can guide through some courses or a coding language to learn I would go check on stackoverflow first, Thanks for your time.

I don’t think you understood. This // means a comment, I use it to give directions about what you should do. You don’t have to paste it.

The full code for your case is

  key = "Numpad2"
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Oooh thanks Man , this one is a new information added to my vocabulary!! :heart: