How To Use HTTP Request On Plugins

Can I use normal http libraries like Leaf.Xnet or should I use a different library? I am asking because I wonder libraries like Leaf.xnet can break the new parallelization library of ob2

You can use whatever you want just import the DLL (and dependencies) as a normal plugins, but you gotta map all the proxy logic manually

okay, now I have a different problem I made a plugin for test that requires leaf.Xnet library than created a zip archive and placed my plugin’s dll to root of the archive and the leaf.xnet dll to in a directory with the same name of my plugin but when I try to upload it ob gives me a error : 1

and this is the command line log :

It literally tells you how to solve it

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So if i make a plugin all request he made will not be through the proxys?

You would need to map proxies from the builtin type of RuriLib to the types of Leaf.
Why are you using Leaf anyways to perform requests? Can’t you just use the builtin requests? Make a request block in stacker and then go to the C# tab, copy that code and paste it in your plugin. It will work, you just have to add a couple of using statements and you’re done.

wait can I do that bruh

Edit : Yes : D