How to solve this reCAPTCHA?

Hello everyone, so I want to make a config for a site that does not use the reCAPTCHA of images, it’s only a captcha that requires a variable that locates in the response source but I tried to get that variable using the CapMonster service and this is what I got in OpenBullet


I think I’m using the wrong reCAPTCHA solver in OB and if yes how am I suppose to deal with it cuz it’s my first time dealing with captcha stuff.

Edit: The URL that its response source contains the “rresp” variable contains a userverify on it which is quite different from other easy bypass reCAPTCHA

Maybe it’s a CAPTCHA v3 version or click “is invisible”

Actually there is no reCAPTCHA of images.
This is an example of the URL that generats the uvresp variable:


Invisible recaptchas can be solved the same way normal ones are

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Which one I have to choose inside OB2? is it reCAPTCHA V3 or V2 cuz I tried them both and got ERROR!

what is this program?

It is called “Fiddler Classic”

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