How to parse the text from text area

Hi ,
i have website that generate data into text area
how to parse this numbers from the text area
ps1 : i cant find the data in source
ps2 : i use puppeteer


Element > Get Attribute Value

Attribute name is the name of the attribute of your element which contains the value, in general it’s “value”

Maybe for a textarea element it could be innerHTML, not sure though ^^

its empty even the data was generated

<textarea id="result" rows="5" placeholder="xxxxxxxxxx" class="form-textarea block w-full h-full resize-none font-fallback font-bold tracking-wide"></textarea>

this is the text area code after the data generated and its empty !

this is the website bro :
can you help me to parse the data from result text area
Thanks anyway

Try to execute this JS script with Puppeteer :


it worked bro , Thank U