How to parse on multipart data token?

Screenshot_20220113-231152_Microsoft Remote Desktop

How to parse, return or print out the parsed token on multipart data, as you can see, I parsed the stripe token so now I want the multipart to return it there but I can’t, doesn’t work I tried <input.token>, , <parse.token> even just “token” but still doesn’t work, I can’t return the token parsed. Can anyone please help I’ll really appreciate it.

You need to use token not input.token because it’s a variable you created with a block, it’s not coming from the input data. Also make sure you’re using interpolated or variable mode. So for example


in the LoliCode.
Also, how are you managing to send multipart data? That part is not visually implemented in the native client yet, are you sending it with the standard request mode or did you edit the LoliCode directly?

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Thank you for your reply. I’m sending the multipart data using the lolicode for example
[CONTENT:STRING “name” “data” “text”]. Okay I will try what you said.