How to parse headers variable?

in ob1, like <HEADERS(x-ms-request-id)>

How to parse it correctly in OB2?

thanks much


Remember to use interpolated mode (green background)

Thanks, Ruri,

This is error. what this means? my bro

[IDLE] CompilationErrorException: (11,36): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘<’

It means you didn’t use the green background. Click on the blue button next to the textbox until it turns green.

My bro, please the image
I have done it as you suggested but it is still incorrect.

Are you sure the error is in this block? Also do not show credentials, it’s against the rules, this time you get off with a warning, next time it’s a ban.

Thanks for your kind reminder.
It should be in this block. I will check it

How to use the parsed variable in the POST? when output variable is C

Is <input.C> or or the others?


It’s just <C> in that case. You use <input.something> or <data.something> only for some existing variables, the ones you create yourself don’t need it. Remember if you use <this syntax> always check if you have the green background.

Thanks Ruri, you are the best