How to PARSE a specific string from SOURCE that is 1 long line and save it to .txt file?

Hello Ruri and everyone, how do i make OpenBullet PARSE and/or else if there other way from SOURCE a specific string from a long 1 Line and save each string found to a newline in a “.txt file” and the string i wanna parse is a Unique string that can be determined by REGEX or smth

The SOURCE RESPONSE content or type is xml that start with <?xml and end with >
it comes as just 1 line not separated lines.

Example of the SOURCE or that 1 line:

[Can be anything here after/before it]Test:B9:0F[Can be anything here after/before it]Test:AC:2D[Can be anything here after/before it]Test:F1:20[Can be anything here after/before it]Test:E5:10[Can be anything here after/before it]

What i want to PARSE each of the following and let openbullet automatically save each in new line to “.txt file”:

And the outcome result in “.txt file” be like the following:


I know how to save to “.txt file” but i don’t know how to take multiple strings that is Unique from 1 single long line that is the SOURCE and let each string saved to new line

Thank you in advance for your help will be much appreciated <3.



Just make sure there are no spaces between the :

If you want to provide a few samples I can craft a better regex if that doesnt work for you


Try to Parse with LeftRight


If TEST never change and the brackets][ are always there it should work.

You can add TEST in the prefix section if you want it to be in your .txt file