How to keep/select proxies from specific country?

I have added proxies and checked them. Now my proxy section has checked proxies with country and ping.

  1. How can i keep specific country and remove the remaining?
  2. How can i use only specific country proxy with config without deleting other proxies?

Where are those settings?

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This is not possible yet, if you want you can open an issue on github and I will add it

Bulletta says its possible. How?

Yeah I wrote it there but forgot to implement it xD sorry
It’s easy to implement, I just have to add a “delete filtered” button and then you can set up a filter that says country not equal to the country of your choice. Please open an issue on github and I will implement it right away!

[REQUEST] Proxy section improvements. #287
Done. Issue added.

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This is already done?

As you can see from the issue, it’s not.