How to implement Recaptcha solver In vb or C#

Hello, I want to implement a Recaptcha solver in my program like when the user inserts the API key ,the program should show the total balance of the account and if the balance is > 0 then it must solve Recaptcha.
I want to achieve this functionality using or leaf.xnet or any other Library if Ruri made one for this.

I made a library for this, and it’s fully documented

Let me know if you have problems or questions

@Ruri will it work for VB?

I have successfully installed this library but I’m unable to use it as documentation is given in c# but I want to use it in
Having this error the await method can only be used with the async method
on this line
decimal balance = await service.GetBalanceAsync();

Sorry I don’t know anything about VB.NET but there are sites that can convert C# to VB online so maybe find one and put the lines of code inside it

Most likely the error comes from the fact that your method is not async, so you can just use this line instead.

decimal balance = service.GetBalanceAsync().Result;

You can do the same for all other async methods, just remove the “await” keyword and add .Result at the end.

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Dim service As CaptchaService = New TwoCaptchaService("API-Key")
Dim balance As Decimal = service.GetBalanceAsync.Result

my program got stuck after executing the above mention code

Sorry I cannot help I don’t know VB.NET

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Ok, thanks anyway I have one more question like If I use the above method without await with the result it takes a few seconds to solve the captcha until then the program stuck. But if I use a separate async routine with await, the program runs fine but here is another problem. My program has two HttpRequest and a ReCaptcha before the second one. With Async routine program doesn’t wait for ReCaptcha response and executes the 2nd HttpRequest.
Can you please tell me how can I achieve this functionality and sync it?
Moreover when I use the above code in the Multithreading program don’t respond
I’m building a tool for a client for creating accounts for a site.
I know you are the only person that can save me as you did in past.

If you await a task the method will not continue until the task has completed, so you have to manage your awaits correctly, I suggest you watch a video on youtube there are plenty that cover this topic

And one thing more can I use your threading library in projects and if yes is there any documentation or example where I can understand how to use it in my project

Yes as long as your project is built on .NET 5 but again the sample is in C#. You can find the link in the announcements

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@Ruri Thanks for your time and information
If you get enough time can you please send me the sample code for RuriLib.Parallelization in C#
Suppose I have a long list of email:pass and I want to filter out those accounts how can I achieve this functionality using RuriLib.Parallelization