How to get Text using Puppetteer in OB2?

How to get Text using Puppetteer in OB2?

Get attribute Value block, and put innerText

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Thanks for replying Ruri but I’m trying to parse the email from this website but it is not working, I can’t even find it in json response.
Can you help me , it is a schoolar project.
Site Link :

If you look at the network traffic there is a POST request to so you just need to replicate that and it will send you the email address. Then there are other calls to get the inbox every few seconds. You don’t need to use puppeteer for this.

If you really must do it with puppeteer, then you have to add a delay (because the email takes a bit to generate) and then target the element with id tempEmailAddress and get its attribute called value (not innerText).



Thanks Man , I really Appreciate it.
My Allah Bless You! :heart: