How to get input whose value is hidden?


Here a piece of a form :

<div class="form-ligne-input">
                <input type="text" name="iban:field_iban8" id="iban_field_id_iban8" class="form-control input-iban iban-mobile required-entry validate-length minimum-length-15 maximum-length-40 validate-iban-mobile disabled" onfocusout="deleteWhitespace(this)" onpaste="deleteWhitespace(this)" onkeyup="deleteWhitespace(this)" value="" maxlength="40" disabled="disabled">

Here the result :

As you can see, “value” is empty, so I can’t directly get what’s inside. How can I do ?


You have to check in the javascript, there must be some kind of binding in there

I don’t know anything in JS and quite lazy to learn … I finally realized I only need to take a screenshot of the field with Pupeetter, upload the image to an OCR jpg → text website and save the result ! Thanks for the help anyways

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LMAO :smiley: that workaround ahah

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Finaly, I prefer trying to get the value with JS because I face issue to upload the file …

I found this topic :

So I tested a Execute JS with this :


  expression = "driver.findElement(\"iban_field_id_iban8\")).getAttribute(\"value\");"

  => VAR @puppeteerExecuteJsOutput


But I got this error :

[Executing block Execute JS] EvaluationFailedException: Evaluation failed: ReferenceError: driver is not defined
    at __puppeteer_evaluation_script__:1:1

How to install new JS function ? I can’t find anything like “namespace” with C#

Ah, this code is Java right ? ><

You are using the wrong function… that one is for selenium in nodejs.
You have to do this

return document.getElementById('iban_field_id_iban8').value;

but the fact is that you can get the same thing just by using a block in OB2. You have to use the get attribute block.

Actually, it’s without return otherwise I get an error and yeah it works, thanks!

Indeed, I did not see this block !