How to get IMAP/POP3 Response

First of All ,
I have been using OB2 for half a month and i am pretty impressed with it.

I was using IMAP/POP3 Blocks , And Now I can’t figure out How to Get The Response text when there is no error.

Here , The one in Green .
I want that text in a variable or any where so that i can use it in keycheck

  • I Tried All Data.___ Suggestion
  • SAFE MODE is enabled to get error into Data.error

Hoping To Get a Reply That Would Help Me.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: You can make a keycheck on data.ERROR and if it’s empty it’s a success, while if it’s not empty it’s a fail or ban (depending on the message). Otherwise you can use the Get Protocol Log block (idk exactly how it’s called) and that block will show you all the raw logs from the IMAP or POP3 exchange that you can save to a variable and use for keycheck! Remember that different servers send many different messages though, so it’s not the best for keycheck.

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Thanks a lot for The Reply.
I will try the things you mentioned and get back to you soon.

Hope You Have a Great Day.