How to convert user:pass into base64 in OB2

Can anybody tell me how to pass user:pass to base 64 function in OB2 as i have used
<input.USER>:<input.PASS>, <input.USERNAME>:<input.PASSWORD> both results in same exception.
and If I user input.USERNAME:input.PASSWORD that results in different result.
[Executing block UTF8 => Base64] ‘System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject’ does not contain a definition for ‘USERNAME’

Kindly guide me I’m a user of OB1 hardly use OB2 that’s why facing this issue

Not sure what you are doing to get that error.

Here is a lolicode snippet

  input = @input.USERNAME
  => VAR @uTF8ToBase64Output

Make sure to set your wordlist to the correct setting. The snippet above uses the Credentials option.

If you’re getting an expando object error it means that you’re not using the correct wordlist type, please make sure in your case the wordlist type is set to Credentials.

Thanks for you help I’ll make sure that next time

Let me try this one I’ll let you know if it works