How to compile and how to properly protect your project?

Greetings! Please tell me how to properly protect or compile your project. So that no one except me can look at the source code of the project. Do I need to upload a project to the server? If so, how do you do it?

Hi, this feature is only available for backers of the crowdfunding campaign, sorry. You can read about it here

Maybe the backer rewards will come back for future updates, at a higher price.

Is there any other way I can’t protect my project?

Convert the config to C# and obfuscate the code using some online code confuser, but it’s pretty useless imho

Is it possible, without converting to C #, to close access to editing the project?

No it’s not, unless you use the config sharing functionality in the sharing section of OB2, but anyone with decent skill can get your .opk file if he wants to, it’s meant to share a config between collaborators, not with third parties.

Can I please purchase access to the discord bot?

Sorry I cannot do that, it would be unfair to backers during the crowdfunding. Please wait, in the future I might reopen access to the bot (at a higher price).

Ruri, please tell me, can I ask one of the sponsors to compile the DLL for me? It is allowed?

No it’s not allowed, if I find out about it I will revoke their access so it’s not in their best interest.