How to check Urls with openbullet?

When creating my config.
I must put a URL in post method
Except that I don’t know how to do it?

Help me please.

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Thanks for your help but my url must be put in content

Just put it in there, you may need to tick the URL Encode Content flag though

If its from wordlist use <input.URL>

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thank you it works but when to start i have a message

Screenshot 2021-09-04 at 09-37-44 OpenBullet2

Go to config settings, and in the allowed wordlist types remove Default and put URLs

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I changed the wordlist Urls and Urls parameters in the config but I still have the error
Here is my wordlist

Capture d’écran 2021-09-04 190308

Can you please post the wordlist type in the Environment.ini? Because it used to have a colon as a separator (which is wrong) and I fixed it later on, if it still has it please remove it and restart OB2.

But if you have the same unsupported wordlist error then it has nothing to do with this. You should delete the wordlist and readd it with the correct wordlist type.

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Hello sorry for my answer late…

In the config, is the wordlist type allowed set to URL and not Default?

Also for your URL wordlist, is the type set to URL?


Also if you are on the older version of OB2 0.1.20, and added the wordlist as something other then URLs, you would need to delete it and readd it as URLs otherwise you would need to update to the latest version 0.1.21


Oh YES thanks very for your help, my config is work :slight_smile: