How to bypass google recaptcha token?

i was creating config, and i got some issues

first i create request in ob2

1 request : GET
2 parsing authenticity_token: i set var name (auth_token)
3 google recaptcha bypass not aviliable in ob2?
3 request: POST method:
Content: utf…&authenticity_token=<auth_token>&user[email]=<input.USER>&user[password]=<input.PASS>user[dvfp]=raisejs–v1–2d14a9a802f6c3d7a95aab9b25977222&user[remember_me]=0&new_google_recaptcha_token=

then i remove google recaptcha token

then i start the request: i see the response there is not showing shut response “invalid user and password”

thank you!

There as no free bypass for recaptcha’s , use the captcha block , solver key and bypass the recaptcha

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