How to be a great Coder like you?

I am amazed with you RURI SAMA. You are my inspiration. How were you able to manage time and code OB? I wanted to be great coder like you. How were you able to focus ? World is distracting. Please give me some tips …

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Just make something that gives you a purpose and makes you proud. If you manage to get some users then you will feel like you are helping someone with their task and it will push you towards improving yourself more and more. I found out that if I code something for just myself, I lose motivation / get bored quickly. The best way is to either work with someone else or work for your users. I suggest finding an open source project and starting to work with a team, it will really help you.


same with me , if i make something i share with other in m telegram , its feel pleasure , all time making money is not goal for me…but yeah ruri is pro guy who is very focused , by the how did you make OB after sentry MBA . you must motivated from there i think …never know who made sentry MBA…

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Sure RuRI Sama. Will try my best. Thank you for inspiration ^^. I get distracted day by day. Trying to stay focus… Waana be a great coder like you someday :slight_smile: