How to access "to check" logs (web version)?

Hello, what should I flag inside OB2 settings to access the complete log of a “to check” combo? And where can I find it?

Thank you.

Hey, the full log is only accessible when you get a tocheck inside the job, it’s not persisted to the DB for obvious reasons of space. You should enable the bot log in settings and then run a job and wait until you get some tochecks. After that, select the one you want and at the top there is a button to show the full log. If it’s already in the db then I guess your only option is to debug it directly to see what caused it!

Hi @Ruri, Merry Christmas
ob 2 would be finalized? see no updates happened long time.
if possible, would make it faster more?
Thanks for your nice work

I got hired so 90% of my time goes into my job now. Yesterday I started solving some OB2 issues and I plan to code it bit by bit in the little free time that I have.

I see thanks, one more question: why do I get “to check” combos inside the “Hit” archive? and is there a way to quickly delete them instead of selecting them one by one? In OB1 there was a way to switch between hits and to check inside the hit archive. Even a select all function would be useful.

You know you can filter by column right? There is an icon you can click in the column headers. You can select all by holding shift, clicking on the first, and clicking on the last. Also you can delete all by filtering only tochecks (hit type is NONE) and then from the dropdown choose “filtered” and press delete.