how to parse json in puppeteer?
all blocks are executed correctly


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but if use block “get DOM” then we get html response

But i need to get a response from the server in json

Response from server

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You cannot do this at the moment. Maybe do the request manually through an http request block?

I’m working on it right i will pull request today for next update

if i make a request an http, i need to generate security data…


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I hope in future updates there will be such an opportunity.

Maybe get the cookies / headers using puppeteer and then put them in a http request block?

In the meantime. Maybe will work as a workaround for the time being.

hmm, maybe you can help me?
After executing the “Navigate To” block, the js code is loaded and executed and the post request is automatically sent to the server. I want to write all completed requests (headers, responses, etc.) to a file. Is it possible to do this?

Will be possible in the future

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