How i make regex for KeyCheck

Hello guys i tried many times and searched a lot through here and google trying to make KeyCheck Matching Regex but without any success :frowning:
Will appreciate your help so much <3.

so my question is how do i make Regex KeyCheck with the following

So I have 2 values one failure and one seccess

Seccess Value: “id”:57863,“name”

Failure Value: “id”:null,“name”:null ( no need regex for it )

The Success Value is always a random numbers can be 1 or 5 or more etc

I want to Regex KeyCheck Matches Regex to the following value

“id”:(Target any numbers here),“name”

regex it into a variable and then keycheck the var

how to regex it idk what the regex to make it ^^

regex is pretty easy once you get the hang of it but you can goto these sites to help assist you make and test it. (recommended)

but if your only looking for 5 digits and they are the only 5 digits in the string then you can use


\d = digits, {5} = 5 digits in a row = same as doing \d\d\d\d\d

You can also do
\d{4,6} if there is a range, think {min,max}

Also from the looks of your post it may be in JSON format already which would be much easier.

Here is an example json snippet

        "templatePath": "toolstemplates/",
        "log": 1,
        "logLocation": "/usr/local/tomcat/logs/CofaxTools.log",
        "lookInContext": 1,
        "adminGroupID": 4,
        "betaServer": true

If I wanted “adminGroupID” I would set the JToken as adminGroupID

it’s not JSON sadly also
57863 << this numbers changes as well as it can be 1 number or 2 or 3

the regex i want to do is to if any numbers in the line it target it
so i need a regex that i put in in KeyCHECK MATCHREGEX that target any numbers after id for seccess check. as below

so what i mean what regex i can put here “id”:[HERE Numbers],“name” work with openbullet as i tested some sites regex but it didn’t work in openbullet.

That makes it easier then, you can do the LR parse
Left - “id”:
Right - ,“name”

If you want to use RegEX then just use