How do I import OB2 library into Visual Studio Project?

Title says it all.

Trying to import OB2 library into a project to use it.

Please help!

Hi, if you mean RuriLib then there is no nuget package for it yet, so your best bet is to copy the DLL directly from the OB2 build and reference it by right clicking on your project’s dependencies and browsing to the DLL from visual studio, then adding it as a project dependency.

Don’t forget to also add the libaries from which RuriLib depends on. I suggest you wait until I publish a nuget package as it would make things much easier, maybe open an issue on github so I don’t forget to do it ^^

Hey @Ruri

Thanks so much for answering here…
Could you list which libraries RiriLIB depends on so I can do this?
I will go ahead and open an issue on Github to remind you :slight_smile:


You can just open RuriLib.csproj and check the nuget packages on which RuriLib.dll depends on, and their exact versions. Just copy those in your own csproj and it should work.