How do I check if @test is empty with "if"

How do I check if @test is empty with “if”
Lolicode and C#

  value = "1"
  => VAR @memer

if (@memer.Length > 0){
///Do Shit Here

if (@memer == NULL)
if (@memer == “”)
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(@memer))

should also work, last one will =true if null or empty

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thanks for the answers

none of them worked, I guess it doesn’t see it as null or empty because it put a space in the parse.
but there is one more problem

if ( @memer == " " || @memer == $"0 <memer2>" )

how should i write this?

0 <memer2>  

not working when i type like lolicode

 $"0 <memer2>" 

If you are using the C# syntax then you have to use the C# interpolation which is with curly brackets.

C# way

if (memer == " " || memer == $"0 {memer2}")
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it worked thanks @Ruri