How can i parse smtp response data in OB2?

Thank You Ruri , it’s my first config in OB2

You have to enable “safe mode” (it’s a checkbox in the block options). If it authenticates successfully the variable data.ERROR will be empty, otherwise it will contain the error message. You can add a keycheck block to verify if the variable is not empty and set it as FAIL or BAN according to the error message. You can also use the “smtp get log” block to write the full protocol log to a variable and then do a keycheck on that one :slight_smile:

If you need more info let me know

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It’s a good idea bro , thank you for your feedback , how can i set this logique:
For exemple
“If isset”
“If empty”
With keycheck block ?

string key → data.ERROR (variable mode, dark blue background) EqualTo and then leave empty the box on the right (dark grey background).

similarly for the NotEqualTo one