How can I navigate to a webpage stored in my wordlist

What is the best way for me to load urls from a wordlist. i have a list of urls I want to check data from but I dont know how to allow for my config to take a url from the wordlist and load it

There should be a wordlist type made especially for URLs, just import the wordlist using that wordlist type and then in the config you can use the variable input.URL (for example in the url field of an http request block). When you debug, you also have to set the correct wordlist type along with the sample data ^^

Thank you, I actually got it to work with urls, My wordlist was not saving as a url list. Now im running into the issue where it finishs with result none, even though when I debug it works perfectly. I am using wait for element and gettext, and it works flawlessly until I use it in the runner

the type ends up being “tochk” and there is no capture. Im stumped honestly

Enable bot log and check the logs to see what went wrong, read this guide to find out how to do it cause it’s the same approach

what would the be the easiest way to stop my browser from being headless too. I cant tell where my program is erroring bc of this sadly

It seems I have figured out everything for the most part, the last question I have is I have a ip that I can ping and it gives me a new proxy for every request. How would I connect that to ob

Add the proxy to a new proxy group, then select that group in the runner and check “concurrent mode” and “never ban”. These options are needed for rotating proxies since concurrent mode lets multiple bots use the same proxy (it rotates in the back but the IP on your end stays the same) and never ban ensures that it’s always available even if one of the proxies that rotate are bad.