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neeed to help to decode this post data,how i translate?

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When I see this I usually think about protobuf

can u help me with how i can decode that pls?

There are multiple threads about protobuf on this forum, search them

i figured out your thread that how use protobuf in ob2,but the main problem is i don’t know exactly what string names there are to use it in lolicode with that classes,sorry if u distrubbing,just getting confuse with this protobuf
also in this code:

// This is where we define the protobuf data structures
class Person {
    public int Id {get;set;}
    public string Name {get;set;}
    public Address Address {get;set;}
class Address {
    public string Line1 {get;set;}
    public string Line2 {get;set;}

// This is where we create an instance of the above code and assign our values
var person = new Person
    Id = 12345,
    Name = "Fred",
    Address = new Address
        Line1 = "Flat 1",
        Line2 = "The Meadows"

there are line1 and line2,it generate like 3 line while in my target the post data is 1 line,so i really can’t understand

You can use this tool, just write the hex inside it

that tool not really gonna work with this situation,idk if i could tell my right mean

2022-04-29 14_41_01-Protobuf Code Generator and Parser _ protobufnet _ Marc Gravell — Mozilla Firefo

First try to decode the protobuff and find its data structure. Use burp or fiddler to decode protobuff right in the debugger

i used fiddler protobuf decoder plugin but nothing it shows acctually,its cant decode

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It does decode and give you a from in which you can understand it and write the c# for the plug-in, maybe pm I can help you