Help with parse again


I have this:
string(22) “[email protected]
string(22) “[email protected]
string(8) “Ironhard”
string(8) “Ironhard”
string(7) “nairolf”
string(7) “nairolf”
The number in brackets changes 18 or 22 or …
How to capture the email address, the username, the pass …
Thanks a lot for your help!

Try whit this regex whit Output = [1]

CLIENT_C_.*”]=>[\s]+string(.*) “([^>]*)”

It does not work. The numbers in parentheses are captured ((22), (26)) but not the email, the nick … The problem is due to: string (. *) Which indicates that it is necessary capture the number in parentheses.
With: CLIENT_C _. * “] => [\ S] + string ([^>] *)”. I capture for example: (22) "email. That’s already good …
I can get what I want after a new LR parse
Thank you