Help please

if I start openbullet its opening the cmd and close it again plz help

u should read here How to install

thank you you so much

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Hello there @chaga12

You should run the main application which OpenBullet2 (.exe), and wait for the console to be opened and it will automatically host the environment on the localhost, which in most of the cases it is:

After you get this window:

Visit in your browser:

not work for me :confused: how do i fix that?

Please, can you show us the error you are encountering while running the executable? Thanks.

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i cant connect to the site

Did you try accessing: ?

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yes i tried (20 characters)

now it works thank you so much

Anytime :slight_smile:

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how do I add .anom configs?

You cannot add, edit or run configs from old versions of OpenBullet (1) or other OpenBullet mods. The only way for now is to remake them.

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okay and can u tell me or can u show me how to host it?
discord: hinataBT#0001

Alright, I may have some minutes for you later.

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this might help you