Help Me Encrypt This Sha1 - Everything provided

The password is: Sobbar19
the encrypted password is always constant: rd1j+lajdFYS2gpQiNxqQQ==
the info’s.
method: SHA1


i tried for a hour.couldn’t figure it out :") as i am n00b

That’s not a sha1. You can check hashing the string with any sha1 online service

Try using the web to encrypt an easy pass (123456) and then grab the hash and decrypt with cracksation or to know the encryption algorithm.

Last thing, that end == suggest base64 encoding, but does not give nothing reasonable.

Last edit cause I give up. It looks like it’s doing base64(unhex(algorithm(“Sobbar19”)). Really interesting problem, probably there’s an script on the page that you can reuse for hashing the pass.

that’s sha1 and it’s encoded to base64 after encryption.

No it’s not, take that pass, hash it on an external service then encode the hash and compare with your constant. If you want can share via PM the web and ain checking. But use some external services to hash the pass and then encode, it’s not the same.

Hash the string

Encode the hash

it’s AES.not normal Sha1 my guy :")