HELP [HOW TO] incorporate this type of content in POST DATA

Hi, i need help cause i want to insert this content in POST DATA :

{“operationName”:“GetDistributions”,“variables”:{“request”:{“pageIndex”:0,“pageSize”:8}},“query”:“query GetDistributions($request: PageRequest!) {\n authenticatedUser {\n id\n genericDistributions(request: $request, shareableOnly: false) {\n totalItems\n totalPages\n items {\n …GenericDistribution\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n}\n\nfragment GenericDistribution on GenericDistribution {\n id\n creationDate\n endDate\n amount {\n value\n currency\n __typename\n }\n detail {\n leftAmount {\n value\n currency\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n reason {\n titles {\n text\n language\n __typename\n }\n wallet {\n names {\n text\n language\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n … on UserDistribution {\n parentDistribution {\n userPreview {\n firstName\n lastName\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n … on OrganizationDistribution {\n organizationPreview {\n name\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n}\n”}

I remember that there was thing with the \n but don’t know on OpenBullet2 how to put it on the content part. I have obviously an error when i put it and press the start button.
The content type is json and the URL finish with this : /graphql

Can someone help ? Thanks!

You can try to Add “\” to “\n”. You must obtain “\\n”.

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to all the \n ?

i have tried before but not all

Yes, you must replace to all.

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Thanks man! It worked ! :slight_smile:

whenever you see \n formate you need to replace \n with \n all done.