Help Current Unix Time

Capture d’écran 2022-04-07 192654

If you remove the 3 zeros at the end, it works.
In your Parse Block, you can use this regex (\d{10}) to parse only 10 char.

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bro i tried the regex parse methode im getting the The time but when i change the account im getting same date !

But that’s another problem … if you always get the same result it doesn’t depend on the parse method but you are probably parsing a wrong value.

i think the 3 zeros is so important bro

without it the zeros im getting today date

This is the problem … you are capturing the current timestamp and it is normal for all accounts to be very similar.
Your intent is probably to capture the expiration date but you are getting the capture wrong.

The 3 0’s are for miliseconds

Drop the last 3 digits for it to work

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yes i want to capture expiry day

i want for the expiry day

Just use Unix Time To Date (UnixTimeToDate)

Change the format to

yyyy-MM-dd (EU)
MM-dd-yyyy (NA)

the probleme is im getting today date and the account used expired on 2021

Then the timestamp your getting is for today

no bro when i see it on websites convators i dont see the same date like ob2

The problem is not the conversion but the capture of the correct value.

emmm im trying the Ob1 Version im getting The real data i think its bug from ob2

when you capture the value, is it same in OB1 and OB2?

not smae date at all

This means you are not using the same code … Post a screenshot of the parse block on ob1 and ob2.

i think the regex u sent is capturing other thing