Hello I Have A problem in Proxies In open bullet 2

When i add rotating proxies that is 1 proxy and it make back connect with other proxies i can only add 1 proxy !
i need to make 1 proxy group for free proxies and another group with the rotating proxies and work with twice at the same time and it use the rotating proxies not as only 1 proxy because my proxy free group has about 12k proxies all these with only one proxy rotating !

Yeah, you need to add a single proxy and then in the job options tick “concurrent mode”.
Currently you cannot set concurrent mode on a single group of proxies and not on the other.

so i can only work with proxy rotating or free proxy alright ?
i was duplicating proxies in openbullet1 is duplicating proxies available in openbullet2 ?

Proxies are deduplicated by default. Maybe you can try to use a file proxy source instead of importing them inside the program directly, but I’m not sure if I also added auto deduplication for those as well.