Hashed password on Post request?

Hey the post request is supposed to be in this json format:

  "site_id": "mypage",

  "user_id": "[email protected]",

  "user_password": "07de91e6b6614a03b5d9eeb8bda23124db466be48187d004f3f17efa4f83391b76133ac0aad2df827468cc46c1997bdb"

According to a hash analyzer, it’s supposedly a SHA2-384 hash type but after hashing the password with SHA-384, SHA3-384, Skein-1024, Skein-512, and Keccak-384 and it still won’t accept it.

Any ideas of what to do?

Read Source (JAVASCRIPT & JAVA) and try to find the hash function.

pm the site and I’ll have a look