Hash from OB1 to OB2

Hello everyone.
I wanted to pass a config from OB1 to OB2 step by step, but I have a problem with the second MD5 type Hash block that follows the first one.
I show the debugger of the 2 blocks of OB1 below:

Debugger1 OB1

Debugger2 OB1

And now I show the complete LoliScript Code of OB1:

And finally the image in OB2. In the Hash_Md5 block and in the Input box it should work in one of 3 possible ways but it doesn’t, entering:

Any solution would be appreciated so that it would give me the same value in both OB1 and OB2.

For OB2, you need to write there

What you told me I already know. I need to get the MD5 Hash of the following value:


The Pass_Md5 variable is the MD5 Hash of <input.PASS> that was obtained earlier.

Don’t Use the “Hash” Block for getting hash hex output, Instead
Use “Hash String” Block , you will get desired output

Thank you all. Before you answered me, I already managed to solve it as you said.