Graphql post

i have a question,in last ob i didnt see to possible to use graphql request,for http2 and else
i want to know is possible to make a config for the graphql requests in ob2?

another question, mostly the post data of these type of request are with regex,enter and else that cant put as a raw in postdata section,

for example:

[{"operationName":"Login","variables":{"input":{"emailAddress":"username","password":"password"}},"query":"mutation Login($input: LoginInput!) {\n  login(input: $input) {\n    clientMutationId\n    __typename\n  }\n}"}]

when i use this,it gives error like

Unexpected token 
 in JSON at position 190

also many times the graphql post datas are like (example:) :slight_smile:

"}},"query":"mutation Login($input: LoginInput!) {
  login(input: $input) {

which is not in a line raw
how can i convert these requests data and fix it in ob2,thanks if possible to guid me or suggesting me a resource for learning this

for those cases normally only add this \ to the each time they have \n or \r or other, that is, they will be like this \\n or \\r