Getting to :73 and all proxies are banned after that

Having an issue. Config works fine when testing and doesnt ban proxies but when i go to job it will go 73 logs then ban proxies after that. (seems like its not using proxies and it is rate limiting me but i go to the website im trying to check for and it lets me sign in so im not rate limited.) same list same cfg same proxies as ob1/svb but doesnt work right on ob2. might be a cfg issue but it works flawlessly when i test the cfg with a valid log but has issues when running a job.

using over 1k proxies and they are rotating resi from a private seller.

You have to tick “concurrent use” and “never ban proxies” in the job options when using rotating ones.

okay, ill try that. thank you. still the same thing

Please set ban loop evasion to a low value, enable bot log (in settings) and then check the logs of the “TO CHECK” results to see what actually happened. Maybe the proxies are being rate limited. Are you sure they rotate?