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Please help anyone

@Ruri, how can i contact you.
im facing an issue, and want you help me about it.

@Provelt post on the forum, make sure to read rules too

HTTP/2.0 is really important for openbullet2, when can you add it? because many sites have turned to HTTP/2.0 so openbullet2 getting detected by antibots

Hello everyone. Where can i get good proxies?

I got an ipvanish account, why do my proxies all get blocked?

Too many possible reasons for that. Could be one thing or a buncha other things.

IPVanish may suck, You could be using a bad region, The config may suck, The site may just have good security

@supreme1xxx DM me if u wanna buy good proxies :wink:

I have IPVanish proxies

Please Iā€™m new with this I have been trying to add my proxies but it keep saying proxy not working please someone help me out

@Ruri when do you plan public the new version of openbullet?

when I have enough fixes to push

hi everyone



and getting response like in stacker

so i can use openbullet on mulitple servers for checking accounts that would be cool.

There is OpenBullet2.Console