FAST ,,,?

Hi how are you today its me again xdd :slight_smile: i have one question i buy rdp winfows with 6 core and 12gb ram , with ob2 version web … i need just know why mc pc personnale its very more fastest vs RDP


MY PC : 10 core 32G RAM 2.5GB INTERNET

they are not a big diff and with 1 job with 100 bot i get 100 usage CPU on rdp and my pc

how can i better do this please ?

Search For Ionos Rdps They are Really Smooth / Fast And Solid And they dont use Cpu So much Btw When u use ur pc u are killing the cpu slowly so beware

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Don’t compare the RDP with own specs pc. RDP provider mostly share there resources, what resources showed not only for you, mostly it shareable resources. Read the terms of RDP provider to clarify the issue !!! And ask the RDP provider about this !

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Ok thanks , yeah because use on RD¨but not fast not good