Every Combo goes to "to check"

Hello, I have recently installed Openbullet 2 & added some configs & proxies.
But as I started checking the combos, all the combos were going to the “to Check” section and not a sing combo went to “Hits” or “Bad”.
This is happening with all the configs & combos.
Help is appreciated.

I have already set the wordlist type but its still sending every combo to “to check”
There are email:pass in my wordlist so I have set it to credentials, is it right?

I had the same kind of error and I thought it was a proxy or config problem, then I’ve found out that it was my Environment.ini file and how I saved my wordlists. First of all you need to check your Environment.ini file to see how it looks, you can download mine but remember to delete the .opk extension before replace it with yours. Then you must check the config you want to use with your wordlist, go to the http request stack and see in the “Content” field, usually you find <input.USERNAME> and <input.PASSWORD> so it means that your wordlist needs to be saved in a wordlist type that supports USERNAME,PASSWORD. If you check the Environment.ini file you can see that MailPass and Credentials suport that, so your wordlist must be saved as MailPass or Credentials, but if your config has something different than <input.USERNAME> like <input.USER> than you need to save your wordlist in a type that your config supports like UserPass (for example). It helped for me so I hope it can be useful also for you.
Environment.ini.opk (1.2 KB)