Even More data

Ik about data.Source but is there any way to check even further?
Ex. I have 2 get blocks named login and capture

Both have some similar lines like expiry. However login has exact date, but capture has number of days left.

If I want info from capture, can I parse from ONLY it using data.Source.capture ?
If it’s not possible any other ways to capture only from the log of a specific request?

If it’s no where possible it would be an amazing feature to add(idk where to suggest) since Configs with lot of log have some similarities and some capture could be not done due to duplication of lines which are to be captured.

Or am I missing something?

If you want to parse something from a specific request, use the parse block right after that request. Then call the next request. data.Source gets overwritten with each request as far as I know.