ERROR: Unable to establish SSL-connection with HTTP-server Please Help

Unable to establish SSL-connection with HTTP-server ‘xxxxx’.
Status code: None
ERROR: Unable to establish SSL-connection with HTTP-server ‘xxxxx’.

can access the site normally supports the latest TLS 1.3 this is a mobile app api
but I get an error like this I activated tls 1.3 same problem net framework 4.7 installed same problem
I’m really bored. Can someone help?

openbullet2 and openbullet 1 tested same problem

Use System Default do not use TLS 1.3

@Ruri Same Problem Sir

@Ruri you can try if you want

Which operating system do you have? I need to know the exact version. If you’re on windows 7 or old windows server you will have these problems.

@Ruri im official computer windows 10 professional
virtual machine windows 2012 datacenter R2 Standard
They both have the same problem
I can enter the site normally
openbullet1 and openbullet2 I have this problem when I add the url there

Just tried and I have no issue on my windows 10, sorry cannot help here

@Ruri yes, the problem may not appear right now, but after sending about 5 thousand requests, it will be like this and it will not get better.

why win7 or older have those problems, are there any solution I have exactly same problem on my pc (win7)

hi if there is that error on RDP 2012 win server but normally on windows 10 on own pc there not be that problem
is that because of version of rdp windows server?
or can solve by any other way?

i have a website that is ok on my own pc but on operation server (rdp),its cant connect the website,neither GET neither POST or neither any address of that website domain