Error trying to upload Config File

Hope this is the correct section of the Forum to post this request, I’ve downloaded 2 config files from an online forum and in each folder there’s the:
settings.json files
My issue is if I try to upload one of the config files to my OB2 framework I get an exception “Unsupported File Type Json” any suggestions,help,advise much appreciated

Those files are supposed to be inside a zip archive called something like MyConfig.opk (opk is the extension recognized by OB2 but it’s just a simple zip archive). You have to upload the opk file not the individual subfiles.

Yes the 4 files are in the .opk folder in the UserData/Configs folder

It’s not a folder, it’s an archive. Windows lets you navigate inside archives as if they were folders but it’s not a folder. Folders cannot have file extensions, they just have names. You need to import the archive itself (not the files inside it).

Make sure you DID NOT extract the .opk archive to a folder, and make sure to import the .opk archive and not the files inside individually.