@Ruri ,
I tried to run a request block in OB2, it seems the runner cant parse the test data I entered in the C# code, I keep getting the following error:

Can you please inspect this issue?

You doing it wrong. It should be input.USERNAME and input.PASSWORD if you use Credentials Worldlist.
Checkout this topic:

I see. I couldn’t find any proper documentation of these syntax changes from OB1 so its been kind of a hassle to use this version. If only ruri uploaded them somewhere I guess…

Mate there’s literally a guide ^^

And even inside the program, there is the help link that explains it

Don’t tell me that there isn’t enough documentation because that is a straight up lie :slight_smile:

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My apologies, didn’t take the time to get familiar with the interface. Also I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to run OB2 remotely through a cloud VPS on my pc, since I couldn’t find one on the search bar. Or provide the link if there is one?

You need to follow this tutorial to install it

and then you can follow this one to access remotely

Remember to set up an admin password, otherwise anyone with the link will be able to access it!

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