Error in parsing

it unable to parse the custom keycheck Screenshot 2021-11-26 201632

like balance was less the 1 but it unable to prase it, showing error

ERROR: System.ArgumentException: Invalid ‘Condition’
at RuriLib.Legacy.LS.LineParser.ParseEnum(String& input, String label, Type enumType)
at RuriLib.Legacy.Blocks.BlockKeycheck.FromLS(String line)
at RuriLib.Legacy.LS.BlockParser.Parse(String line)
at RuriLib.Legacy.LS.LoliScript.TakeStep(LSGlobals ls)

I think it should be GreaterOrEqualTo

still not working, problem in GreaterOrEqualTo

Mate I don’t recall, open OB1 and check what are the valid names for conditions in a keycheck block and put the exact same here. OB1 support in OB2 is just for running (or quickly debugging) configs, editing them without knowing LoliScript requires you to still use OB1. Porting the old stacker over to OB2 would have required a LOT of time so I didn’t do it.