Error capturing the captcha code

Hello guys,
i have a problem about capturing a captcha (TEXT)
everything is working good, but in the source of captcha URL i see that i see it (TEXT) not the exact value
because in the NEXT request it need that (TEXT VALUE) in the POSTDATA
So i cant bypass it only if they read the postdata (Text captcha)

Is there any way to see how to capture it correctly ?

2021-03-11 13_28_42-Window 2021-03-11 13_36_42-Window

did u solve captcha first?

the value of the “image” is what u need to parse and put on captcha solver block to solve it,then put the result of that block on post data in text value

sir the code is mark it as “IMAGE”, he dont show me the code like ‘JRKE’ he just give me the value “TEXT” , iparsed also the TEXT but the same problem

u parsed the “image” word,u need parse that base64 (5ea5f…) code and put it in captcha solver,idk if i understood ur means right or not,but this is how a captcha u need work with that on ob

PARSE "<SOURCE>" JSON "image" -> VAR "cap"

Bro all captcha is working good.
but the captha is cant bypassed or check the code.
its automatic (invisible)
i mean you still click, login login login
and he told you that the info is incorrect.
he not give you the image to bypass it by writing the code of image.
its automatique!
when you click login, the website it redirect to captcha and he solve it automatically and he tell you that the login informations is false.

GO DOWNLOAD (1xbit) APK in android
and start working on it
click start to start capturing url and make any login.
first 3 times it will said login false info
and the 4th time you will see he that have added url of captcha in the capture http

can you try it for me bro?
i have the config i already worked on it.
it still only that parse of capture code
if you can see for me a solution quickly.

the image is encrypted, i think that is SHA512 with salt or something not plain SHA512 encryption though.
You better look for the password encryption too, lol