Erro block Wait for Navigation

sometimes I get this error, but sometimes it doesn’t happen, I don’t understand why?
Can someone please explain to me how this block works?
Thank you

Screenshot 2022-03-27 202055

Increase the timeout e.g 20000. The timeout basically means: wait until the navigation was completed, but wait MAXIMUM 10000 ms (10 seconds). If the navigation is not completed by then, throw an error. So if you increase the timeout it will wait more time before throwing the error in case the proxy is slow…

I increased it much, even 100000ms, but it’s still the same. Besides, I only set 1000ms and it still works fine.
I found that, if navigation is too fast, it will get error, if navigation is too fast, “block Wait for Navigation” will not get input, and it will wait until timeout and give error.
But I can’t remove “block Wait for Navigation”, because without “block Wait for Navigation” and slow navigation “block Type in Page” won’t be able to type :frowning:

i’m really confused with this function
its definitely not perfect yet
please explain in detail what “load, idle0, idle2”. i can give my feedback

That is, when the navigation is too fast, it terminates immediately, then “block Wait for Navigation” will not receive navigation data to confirm the time, so it will give an error.
And like I said, block “Wait for Navigation” can’t be removed because if the navigation is slow, the next block “Type in Page” won’t work, no typing time

Try Idle0 instead of Load.

I chose Idle0 like in the picture

Have you tried all other options? Maybe before the “wait for page load” block you could add a check (for example with an IF statement). So it will only execute the block if the dom doesn’t have your required text yet.