End loop

How can I end the loop “Bot” after getting the ban key?

And create a new loop “Bot” to check the same data

I’m not sure I follow… When the bot ends with BAN status it will ban the proxy and retry the same data with another proxy.

Yes, but I want him to terminate the bot like what happens with Ban loop evasion

Without the data going to ToCheck

I want to quit the bot after getting a certain key

For example:
KEYC Success
KEYC Failure
Keyc Ban

Go to config settings and you can configure for which status the bot will terminate execution.

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There are only two options in the configuration settings
Statuses for which the bot will continue / stop
Ban the proxy when the bot ends with one of these statuses

These two options cannot terminate the bot

There are some sites that rely on bot information and block it

So the solution is to terminate the bot and create a new bot

Are you talking about the JOB?
Cause bot and job are two completely different things

No sir, I am talking about the bot
What I want is to terminate the bot after every check

What happens is when I start check…it checks a certain number of bots and then stops

Then he repeats again and checks the same number and then stops

This is what I want to get to

Without the data going to ToCheck

Put this at the start of the config

if (data.Line.Retries > 0)
data.STATUS = "FAIL";
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All results go to FAIL !!

That’s literally what you asked me to do. Bots MUST end with a status, it’s compulsory, you cannot have the bot end without any status, that’s just not allowed in this software.

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Thank you for your time, sir