Encrypt Password

Hello everybody. They are just starting out in this magical world. I have a password hash to encrypt which I will need to generate a POST but I can’t (I’m losing my mind). The captured data are:

  • Username login: “123456789”
  • Password login: “123456789”
  • Username Hash: “35b6d0aaaae39cc5acde8f3d47fd6ad7594e507c5d79b9f1178c5b28ee5f8959” (this is usernamelogin+000 in SHA256)
  • Salt: “e1b6a9e98993e2af9ccbbee89bbaeaa8aeeca3a3ea9fabef85aae68281e2bbb1e785b1eeb9aef19d919be78fb2”
  • times tamp: “20210311235226”

PASSWORD HASH= “9213413a876bf1d72a3fb2883b8f4f6c919eef524f5622a3bb7d4cf4a4765afd”

How do you get this PASSWORD HASH ?

Thanks everyone in advance for the help!

no solution or help where to look?

Salt usually precedes / follows the password but this is not the case.