Ef else with OR fashion, Error "expected"

Hello together,
I always get the error message “expected” for the script below! For an OR function.
What am I doing wrong!?
Thank you for your help

// BLOCK: LoliCode

if (STRINGKEY @data.SOURCE.Contains (“Wert_1”) || if STRINGKEY @data.sOURCE.Contains (“log=?”) || if STRINGKEY @data.SOURCE.Contains (“logout”))


JUMP #saving


You cannot use || and && in LoliCode syntax yet.
You have to use full C# syntax

if (data.SOURCE.Contains("Wert_1") || data.SOURCE.Contains("log=?") || data.SOURCE.Contains("logout"))
JUMP #saving

Thank you for the quick answer. it is difficult to switch from loliscript to C #!
What can I do with the error message;
Preprocessor directives must appear as the first non-whitespace character on a line.

You can write C# in LoliCode, it’s allowed. You don’t have to convert your config. I don’t know why people always ask about this, did you read the documentation where Bulletta explains what LoliCode is?